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It's All In Your Head - Book and CD set

How the 12 cranial nerves IN YOUR HEAD effect your body's health and how to fix it... WITHOUT A DOCTOR!

Most people don't realize osteoporosis of the skull produces numerous health issues including neuropathies of the 12 cranial nerves and spinal cord. These peripheral neuropathies can produce as many as 25 different diseases(AFIB, COPD, Reflux, Tinnitus, etc.) all of which are preventable and reversible. It’s All In Your Head! covers these in a simple and easy to understand way and starts you back on the road to wellness.
Dr. Wallach has been involved with biomedical research for more than 50 years. His National Institute of Health sponsored research on the subject of comparative medicine and pathology answered many of the worlds health questions and is featured in the Smithsonian Institute.

Diseases caused by neuropathies of the 12 cranial nerves and spinal cord:
AFIB, COPD, Reflux, Bloating, Diarrhea, Gastroperesis, Hiccups, Bell’s Palsey, ONA - Vision Loss, Vertigo, Meniere’s Disease, Tinnitus, Paget’s Disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Spinal Cord Paralysis, Wallach’s Fibrous Dysplasia.