June 14, 2019 2 min read

Melaleuca alternifolia, more commonly known as Tea Tree oil, is sometimes called a “medicine chest in a bottle”.   I have used this essential oil numerous times for many different challenges.  One reason it is so great is because it has been proven to be an effective and powerful immune stimulant.  It defends against all three different infection types – bacterial, viral, and fungal. 

One of the best things about tea tree oil is that it is safe for all ages.  In children this means, infants 2 months and older.  Tea tree oil can fight sore throats and upper respiratory infections.  It can help clean out skin wounds or infections.  You can even brush your teeth with it.   

If you’re going to treat a sore throat, you will need to place 1 drop (no more!) of tea tree oil on your pinky, take two licks of it, swish in your mouth and swallow.  You’ll start feeling that sore throat calming down right away.  Clean the air in your home by diffusing 10-12 drops for fifteen minute intervals every two hours during the day.   You can drop 1-2 drops on location for cuts, sores and fungus.  For ear pain relief, you can rub 1 drop of tea tree oil mixed with 2 drop of a carrier oil and rub it around the outside of the ear.  DO NOT put essential oils inside your ear. 

Grab your bottle of tea tree essential oil today and start fighting off those nasty infections the natural way.  You’ll be glad you did!   Rhonda Porter, CA

SAFETY WARNING:  When applying an essential oil toskin, always perform a patch test by properly diluting the oil in an appropriate carrier oil and applying to an insensitive part of the body, such as inside ofelbowUse vegetable oil or milk to remove any essential oils causing irritation.  Always keep essential oils away from children.  To slow oxidation and protect shelf life, store in a cool, dark place with lids tightly secured.  Never put oil in the ear canal or eyes.