Why No Vegetable Oil

April 22, 2024 2 min read

By: Steve Wallach, CEO and Co-Founder of Wallach Wellness 
October 18, 2023 

Dr. Wallach and vegetable oil. What's the problem and what's the solution? 

First let's clear up a myth, Dr. Wallach (my Father) isn't against consuming ALL vegetable oils. Let me explain. Dr. Wallach has recommended certain vegetable oils as good sources of essential fatty acids and essential therapeutic oils. These are specifically sourced, processed, and stabilized to avoid chemical exposure and oxidative damage. With that said, the general rule of thumb is to avoid ALL commercially available sources of vegetable oils. 

The Why? First, depending on the source of the oil, exposure to GMOs, some of the most 

common sources of vegetable oils, are among the most common GMO's, corn, soy, sunflower, safflower, and so on. Another big problem is commercially available vegetable oils are 

chemically extracted using solvent chemicals such as hexane. First the plant material is cooked then bathed in chemicals to dissolve and extract as much oil as possible. But wait, there's more. When these oils are further processed and stored in bottles, due to exposure to oxygen, light and time, the oils oxidize causing rancidity. Heat of these oils creates and releases toxic chemicals such as aldehydes. 

The solution? One of my Father's founding principles is "Closer to Nature is Better". He prefers using butter to cook with as he would say "NO fried foods?". Use butter but only with low heat. Never burn any oils, or fats including butter. 

First and foremost, get rid of those bottles of vegetable oils, and get rid of margarine, get rid of shortening. 

A stick of butter a day keeps the Doctor away.