March 03, 2023 3 min read


We’ve just started month three of a new year and winter has not gone to bed yet.  There could be several more  months of cool, unruly weather present  in many areas of the country.  This means that cold and flu symptoms could also  hang around for a bit longer. People move around and unfortunately leave germs wherever they go.  Boosting your immune system with supplements is a great way to help with this constant fight and I have some great Youngevity suggestions for you.   In addition to the Youngevity products, there are a couple of suggestions you can probably find in your kitchen.


Your body NEEDS nutrients to function when you fall victim to a cold or flu.  Most people barely have an appetite when they have a cold or flu, but this is the time to make sure you’re getting food to help your body combat the virus. Chicken Noodle Soup has been a top choice of ‘Moms and Dads’ to ease the symptoms of colds and flu. Experts agree.

Experts point to vegetables, protein, and the simple warmth that comes from chicken soup. Some studies suggest that chicken soup have certain qualities that help reduce inflammation in the body. A bowl of chicken soup is a welcome friend when I’ve got a cold or flu, and makes me feel better.


Honey was a sweet treat I enjoyed as a kid.  I didn’t know it was “good” for me.  Now I know that just a spoonful can help soothe a sore throat and tame a cough.  Honey does have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which experts say are what may help with coughing.

Youngevity offers an incredible Eucalyptus & Honey Winter Thyme Syrup which includes some great botanicals to support a healthy recovery.

IMMU-911 applies comprehensive nutritional support for the immune system. Immu-911 contains an array of balanced, specific, targeted nutrients, such as colostrum, beta-1, 3-D glucan, mycelial mass mushrooms, astragalus, echinacea, vitamin C, zinc, and pau d 'sarco to support healthy immune function.

BEYOND IMMUNE FX brings together a powerhouse collection of immune-supporting vitamins, minerals, and beneficial ingredients. Each delicious serving delivers targeted ingredients like olive leaf extract, European elderberry extract, maitake mushroom extract, and our proprietary i26 Hyperimmune Egg Powder—all of which are known to support a healthy immune system. With a refreshing pineapple/orange flavor, this gluten-free, specialized powder mixes with water for maximum absorption of nutrients. Use in combination with our Beyond Tangy Tangerine or Healthy Body Immune Pak for even better results. Contains no wheat, gluten, sugar, artificial colors or flavors.

KILLER BIOTIC FX is a proprietary complex that brings together natures most potent immune-enhancing compounds. Killer Biotic Fx features propolis a natural agent produced by Brazilian killer bees the time-tested immune-enhancing benefits of mushroom extracts and the immune supporting properties of colostrum. For best results use Killer Biotic Fx as part of a full nutritional program that also includes Ultimate Classic and Ultimate EFA .

C-FX is a pH-balanced formula that contains 500 mg of Vitamin C along with the Echinacea herb in the form of an extract to help support a healthy immune system.

Immune Support (Good Herbs) contains a proprietary blend of exotic herbal purifying ingredients, formulated to support ultimate health and promote a healthy digestive system. Also promotes healthy skin and healthy intestinal flora.  Proprietary Herbal Extract Blend(Calendula Flower, Chaparral Leaf, Pau D'Arco Bark, Olive Leaf, Garlic Bud).

SEASONAL IMMUNE SUPPORT PAK Give your immune system some extra nutritional support to help your body maintain optimal health. This Pak contains Youngevity's best-selling immune-supporting products plus, a new, powerful Vitamin C tablet to boost immune health.* The Seasonal Immune Support Pak includes 30 packets, each containing: Zinc Fx (1 lozenge), Immu-911 (1 capsule), Vitamin C (1 tablet), C-Fx (1 capsule) and Killer Biotic FX (1 capsule).