The Many Benefits of Vitamin D3

August 03, 2018 2 min read


Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D3 is an overlooked vitamin.  Studies have shown that majority of the population is deficient in Vitamin D3 and it’s estimated that one billion people worldwide have low levels in their blood.  This could be one of the reasons why there are so many people that have health issues.  Vitamin D3 acts as a hormone and is absolutely essential for optimal health.  Until recently, the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for Vitamin D3 was 400 IU. That level has increased over the years.  You can now go into a health food store and find D3 that contain 10,000 IU per soft gel. Below is a partial list of many essential benefits of Vitamin D3 and how taking it may enhance your health.

Builds the Immune System                                                  


May Preserve Bone and Teeth Mass                                


May alleviate Bone and back pain                                      

Brain Development and Function                                                             

Cognitive Function                                                                 

Alzheimer’s Disease                                                                              

Multiple Sclerosis                                                                 

Parkinson’s Disease                                                                                        

Reduces Blood Pressure                                                     

Improves Sleep Quality                                                                               

Cardiovascular Disease                                                        

Has an Anti Inflammatory Role                                                                 

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome                                     

Protects the Skin                                                                                         


Reduces the Severity of Asthma                                                               

Kidney Function                                                     

Male Fertility                                                                                                        

Rheumatoid Arthritis                                                             

Chronic Fatigue and Tiredness

D3 is considered a fat-soluble vitamins along with (A, E, and K).  It dissolves in fat or oil and is stored in the body for a long time.

There are two types of Vitamin D which are D2 and D3.  Vitamin D2 is not produced by your body.  It’s produced by plants like mushrooms.  Vitamin D3 comes from animal foods like salmon, cod, and egg yolks.  Vitamin D3 is also made from cholesterol when your body is exposed to sunlight.  Every single cell in your body has a receptor for it.  Research has shown that D3 is the preferable form and found to be at least 3 times as potent as Vitamin D2.  It’s also a safer choice, more stable and useful for the body.

D3 is an important vitamin that should not be overlooked when considering your daily intake of vitamins. Youngevity currently offers a D3 capsules and a D3 spray to fulfill this need.