Do Yourself A Favor, Build Your Immune System

July 20, 2018 2 min read

Have you ever noticed that most of the people you know seem to be reasonably healthy? Then there are those that are consistently sick. Most likely, the difference between the two of them is the state of their immune system. A healthy immune system protects you against viruses and diseases. It's also involved in the healing of damaged tissue.

One of the most valuable things you can do for your health is to build up your immune system. What is the best way to enhance your immune system? Get enough sleep, manage stress, avoid tobacco and drink less alcohol, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Take your vitamins, minerals and omegas, also consider taking probiotics. Studies indicate supplements reduce incidence of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. I don't know about you, but I could personally use more sleep, learn to deal better with stress and make better choices with what I eat. I think that this is a common scenario for many of us.

I believe taking Youngevity's 90 For Life has been a smart choice for me to optimize my health and enhance my immune system. Using the 90 nutrients daily has had a tremendous positive impact on my health. I have noticed my energy levels increase and with 1200 mgs of calcium in the Ultimate Osteo-FX, my quality of sleep has improved. I also have less aches and pains. If I feel like I'm exposed to something, I take Youngevity's Killer Biotic-FX. It's a proprietary complex of immune-system building nutrients, including bee propolis, medicinal mushroom extracts and colostrum. I love this product and I get amazing results with it.

Do yourself a favor and try Youngevity products. You'll be glad you did.