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3 Products for Eye Health

Want to improve your eyes without surgery? There's a natural remedy for that. Here are three amazing products for eye health.

Your eyes are the window to your soul. They are also the lens through which you perceive most of the world. That's why so many people are turning to herbs for eye health.

We're seeing a definitive shift in the way people look at eye health (pardon the pun). There is a growing demand for all-natural solutions, as people want to maintain their health without chemicals, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals.

Fortunately, there are a number of herbs that can do incredible things for your vision, the skin in and around your eye, and your overall eye health.

Here are a few to choose from.

Vision FX

Our Vision FX line has been specifically designed for your eye health. It is a capsule that you can take orally.

Two of these capsules contain:

  • 100% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A
  • 400% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C
  • 200% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin D
  • 33% of your daily recommended intake of zinc
  • 100% of your daily recommended intake of solarium from yeast
  • 42% of your daily intake of chromium
  • 8 mg of Lutein Esters
  • 4 mg of CoEnzyme Q-10

Here's how they help your eyes:

Vitamin A helps create a barrier of mucous membranes and skin become protective barriers against bacteria and viruses in your eye.

At the same time, The National Eye Institute reported that people with macular degeneration (AMD) who used vitamin A (as beta-carotene), vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and copper showed a 25 percent reduced risk of their AMD advancing.

Also, using drops of Vitamin A has been proven to help people who suffer from dry eyes just as well as the leading (and most expensive) name brand eye drops on the market, at a fraction of the cost.


This is another oral tablet you can take, and one of our more advanced solutions in using herbs for eye health.

Like Vision FX, it contains the proven benefits of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, and Selenium

But it also contains:

This helps treat eye conditions such as cataracts and disorders of the retina. Funny enough, WWI pilots used it to help their night vision. But this was later proven ineffective.

Grape Seed:
The University of Maryland's Medical Center found that grape seed extract may help night vision.

Later, A University of Colorado Denver monograph added that it can help diabetic complications, including macular degeneration and poor night vision.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin:
Lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin lower the threat of light-induced oxidative damage that could cause AMD. It keeps blue light from penetrating deep into in your retina.

Studies have also proven that high levels of both can help your eyes react better to seeing in low light, or coping with a glare.

Can also help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts as you and your eyes age.

Has been proven to have massive benefits in preventing things like cataracts, macular degeneration, and blindness.

It's been called the "ultimate carotenoid" for your eye health and prevention of blindness because it:

"Easily crosses into the tissues of the eye and exerts its effects safely and with more potency than any of the other carotenoids, without adverse reactions."

Vegetable cellulose:
Helps your overall health by keeping your blood sugar levels more regular. This has numerous benefits, such as preventing metabolic disorders.

Microcrystalline cellulose:
This is a refined wood pulp. It's commonly used in herbs for eye health and other supplements and health products as a texturizer, anti-caking agent, fat substitute, or emulsifier.

This has been a proven aid for people who suffer from dry eyes. Many people have reported seeing huge improvements after being frustrated with over the counter and prescription eye drops over the years.

Magnesium deficiency has been proven to cause dry eyes.

It's also crucial for your body carrying out no less than 300 necessary functions, such as muscle and nerve function, regulating heart rhythm, maintaining your healthy immune system, and promoting bone strength.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

If you're looking at herbs for eye health, you can also see great results (again with the pun) from carrot seed oil.

It is an essential oil extract from the seed of the carrot plant (Daucus carota). You've all heard the old wives tale about carrots being good for your eyes. But the science there is actually reasonably sound.

Carrot seed is very high in Vitamin A, which as we discussed above is important in creating a protective barrier to keep bacteria and other harmful things from penetrating the surface of your eye.

It's also a very powerful antioxidant, which does more than help you look and feel younger. That being said, it does help the skin around your eyes keep its elasticity, which prevents the appearance of bags under your eyes or crows feet.

It can also help the muscles around your eyes, which can actually help your eyesight by helping you focus to see things over greater distances, or very close up.

It's also, just simply, really good for your body. It detoxifies your blood, tissues, muscles, and organs like the liver and kidneys.

This supplement has also been proven to neutralize excess bile from your liver, which helps prevent infections in the liver in cases of jaundice.

Carrot seed essential oils also eliminate the toxins that cause edema, arthritis, gout, and rheumatism.

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