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Why Is America So Sick?

CD Set: Why Is America So Sick?

Why is America So Sick? By Dr. Joanne Conaway. To promote optimal health we need proper nutritional supplementation. This can be acheived only by using healthy, organic, whole foods and quality minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. We also must ensure we are digesting and absorbing. That requires a healthy digestive system. The Digestion CD helps you understand what is needed to ensure healthy digestion and recognize the things you may unknowingly be doing each day, to sabotage your health. 

So many people today suffer needlessly because they are hormonally imbalanced. Many don't realize that is the problem. The Hormone CD discusses the many aspects of endocrine health. Knowing how eating the Standard American Diet contributes to hormonal imbalance and the inability of the body to properly regulate our hormones, helps us better understand some major hormonal issues such as infertility and adrenal fatigue.